IMAGINE this life history. You’re well settled where you were born and grew up but following recent changes you are forced to move somewhere else. It could be due to political unrest, or warfare, but it’s much more likely to be the response to a changing climate.

Your farming is at risk because of longer periods of drought, such as the recent seven years plus in Syria, and the indications are that a warmer world will have more areas drying up and becoming deserts.

Similarly more intensive rainfall and violent storms will play havoc with housing and wipe out much of the local food growing in many areas of the world.

In addition the increasing rate at which the oceans are warming, and so expanding, added to the melting ice means that sea levels are rising, and it’s not just low countries like Bangladesh that will suffer – Florida is already finding it very difficult to cope. Much of California is also worried as the land is sinking because the water they need to counter recent year long dry spells has been pumped up from deep down.

There’s also considerable evidence that the Sahara desert is spreading south in west Africa and those struggling to exist are seeking more suitable areas that will welcome them, so world nations need to work out how they will deal with climate change migrants.

It will be a real test of our humanity as we aren’t renowned for being satisfied with just enough and making sure that those without receive help, a welcome and a home. While Chad, in West Africa, and Bangladesh are most at risk, with the probability of almost one hundred million on the move, it’s notable that both these countries have recently hosted hundreds of thousands of refugees from warring neighbours.

If they can do it, why can’t we?