THE Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths all have very similar guiding commandments about the way we selfish animals should behave. They have certainly helped to control our base instincts and marginally reduced our tendency to kill each other.

However another 10 are now needed following the remarkable population increase in just the last 100 years, from less than two billion to almost eight billion. Because these numbers are still growing its important to support another 10 commandments - this time about the way our behaviour influences the future.

The overall imperative would be to respect the planet, the only one we have, by not contaminating the seas, degrading the land, polluting the air, and producing climate changing CO2 without thought of the consequences. It means only using enough of the resources available that will keep us safe, fed, warm, and well. More than that is a personal indulgence suggesting we are putting our greed and appetites before the future of our children.

All that’s required is for enough of us to follow these ‘commandments’ as best we can, even if some are beyond us.

1. Drive a smaller car, and not so far. Don’t keep getting new ones.

2. Use public transport, and walk more.

3. Grow fruit and vegetables, not flowers and lawns, and compost vegetable waste.

4. Fly less often, and less distance.

5. Avoid plastic containers where possible – eg. milk.

6. Recycle all packaging, newspapers and bottles.

7. Expect clothes to last longer and delay buying new ones.

8. Prevent heat loss from your house with thermal cladding and triple glazing.

9. Eat less meat, and don’t eat fruit or foodstuffs imported out of season.

10. Turn the thermostat down and wear a jumper.

Most of these ‘commandments’ are within our means as they will actually save us money as well as keeping us healthy.