In the end, Bradford broke out the bunting and did itself proud for the Royal Wedding.

There had been rumblings in the weeks running up to the event that there was very little interest in celebrating the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Perhaps no-nonsense Northerners are a little more reticent than our Southern cousins to partake in patriotic flag-waving.

But across the district there were several events, large and small, where residents banded together to enjoy themselves.

It’s possibly easy to be sniffy about such an occasion, especially one that has cost so much to stage at a time of nationwide belt-tightening.

But by the same token, Britain needs a bit of light relief, and the Royal Wedding yesterday seemed to allow people to take their minds off their woes for a few hours at least.

Joining in the commemorations was by no means compulsory, but those who did with their street parties, pub gatherings and celebratory teas certainly seemed to have a grand old time.

Those old enough to remember several previous Royal Weddings gathered with those for who the Kate and Wills show was their first such event.

It proved that having a celebration is not just the preserve of staunch monarchists; it’s also an excuse for streets, families and friends to come together in a bit of old-fashioned community spirit.

It’s perhaps more important at times of austerity and cuts to show that we won’t be beaten down by doom and gloom, and our pictures from your parties show that, ultimately, Bradford did itself proud.