SIR – Christmas is meant to be a season of peace and goodwill, yet for many animals it is a time of extreme suffering and exploitation.

Millions of turkeys are slaughtered for Christmas dinner, along with ducks, geese, pigs, lambs and chickens.

Puppies and kittens are given away as presents, then often neglected or discarded by new owners when the novelty has worn off.

Prettily-packaged cosmetics and toiletries make nice presents, but were probably cruelly tested on animals.

Rabbits and foxes have their fur stripped from them to be turned into clothing and accessories.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Send for Animal Aid’s Guide to a Compassionate Christmas, which includes easy tips for cruelty-free festive fun, ideas for gorgeous gifts, and recipes for delicious food, so that you can enjoy the holiday period in style without hurting animals.

Order a free guide at, or telephone (01732) 364546.

Kelly Slade, Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford Street, Tonbridge