SIR – I strongly support the letter by Animal Aid’s Ashley Owen (T&A, October 26).

When they were British-made, there were two separate and distinct classes of firework, respectively colour display and what we kids called “bangers”.

The former were sold in boxes of varying size and price. They produced multi-coloured stars but no loud detonation. The cigarette-sized bangers were sold separately.

Nowadays, fireworks are imported and a firework is not a firework if it produces only a shower of coloured stars, oh no, it has to detonate with the thunderous roar of a high-explosive bomb.

These devices are virtually demolition charges. Hence, Bonfire Night and other celebratory occasions are reminiscent of a First World War artillery bombardment, going on hour after hour, reducing animals to a state of abject terror.

For colour-only fireworks, no restriction is necessary, but there is an urgent need for a total ban on fireworks which violently explode like land-mines.

However, don’t expect the politicians to act – they wouldn’t want to upset Britain’s principal Far Eastern ‘trading partner’, would they? Noel A Shaw, Bronte Old Road, Thornton