SIR – The weekend of July 24 and 25 was Greyhound Remembrance Weekend when events were held across the UK in memory of the many greyhounds that have suffered and been put to death in the 84 years since commercial greyhound racing began in this country on July 24, 1926.

Members of Bradford Animal Rights Group attended a Remembrance event at Belle Vue Stadium, Manchester, on Saturday evening.

The greyhound racing industry is much smaller than it once was, but according to international protection organisation Greyhound Action, more than 12,000 greyhounds are still being put down every year, after failing to make the grade as racers or when their “careers” come to an end.

An RSPCA report has stated that “at least 20 greyhounds a day – either puppies which do not make the track, or ‘retired’ dogs aged three or four – simply ‘disappear’, presumed killed”.

Also, a large number of greyhounds sustain serious, sometimes fatal injuries while racing.

Members of the public can help put an end to this horrific situation by not attending dog tracks or betting on greyhound racing so this appalling industry fades away through lack of financial support.

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Steven McLean, Spokesperson, Bradford Animal Rights Group, Prune Park Lane, Allerton, Bradford