SIR – Britain is reaching a crossroads as we lurch towards the introduction of gigantic American-style factory farms.

Plans are due to be resubmitted for what would Europe’s largest-ever dairy farm, where over 8,000 cattle will be kept inside nearly all year.

The pig industry is also becoming more intensive with what is set to be Britain’s largest-ever pig farm. Again, these animals will never see the world outside. If it goes ahead, it will house more than 20,000 pigs.

They are following the American farming model so intensively that it has brought untold misery, pollution and disruption for those living nearby.

But this should concern us all. Consumers will have no way of telling if meat or milk comes from places like this.

We already have intensive farming in the UK, but the sheer scale of these proposals is simply staggering.

Please join the growing number of people saying no to factory farming. Of course, the best way is to withdraw your custom – and the best way to do that is to go veggie. For free help on how, contact Viva! on (0117) 9441000 or visit Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager