SIR – The latest Government agriculture figures – which include imports and exports – show that Britain is fast losing its taste for meat.

Last year, as a nation, we ate nearly a quarter of a million fewer tonnes of the stuff that we did just four years ago.

As the UK’s population has grown by over a million in that time, in real terms, the move away from meat is even more pronounced.

This is good news for animals. In 2009, 37 million fewer of them were killed for the table, compared to 2005.

It is also good news for the planet. Less meat consumption puts fewer strains on the environment. It is also good for us, as vegetarian and vegan diets provide significant health benefits.

However, sadly it is not all good news. Over 893 million animals are still killed for meat each year in the UK, most of them living appallingly short lives in squalid conditions and facing a terrifying death.

If you want to join the move away from meat, and want help going veggie or simply cutting down how much meat you eat, contact Viva! on 01179 441000 or e-mail for a free Go Veggie pack.

Justin Kerswell, Campaigns Manager, Viva, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol