SIR – It is gratifying that a group of professional people support the need for a cross-rail link in Bradford, including John Pennington and Andrew Mason (T&A, May 21).

Bradford Rail User’s Group (BRUG) has publicised the need for such a link since its inception in 2001.

It is pleasing that Gerry Sutcliffe (Bradford South MP) welcomes the initiative, but disappointing that Marsha Singh (MP Bradford West) takes such a short-sighted and negative view.

He complains of future cuts to be made in public services, but fails to see that such a link would not be built in the near future.

The important point is that such a plan is accepted by the relevant bodies to be built in the future, including Bradford Council, Network Rail and central government.

The attitude of Mr Greaves typifies the lack of ambition of Bradford Council. Initially a cross-rail link would require diesel units to cross from one network to the other, until the Calderdale lines are electrified. Then modern electric units would be used.

Large-scale schemes need to be undertaken in stages, and complaining of short-term inefficiency merely justifies procrastination.

Alec Suchi, Allerton Road, Bradford