SIR – In reply to Mr Morris (Letters, May 6) regarding a Bradford cross-rail link, I accept that it would not create new far-flung railway stations for people in Bradford to travel to; it would make existing stations more convenient for those who wouldn’t have otherwise travelled by rail, reducing congestion, and improve journey times for those that currently do. It would not immediately require additional rolling stock to create a Shipley-Bradford-Halifax-Leeds electrified service.

In claiming “Manchester gave up ideas of linking Victoria and Piccadilly years ago”, Mr Morris appears to be unaware the Department for Transport supports that proposal!

To claim such a link would be unsightly is to ignore Bradford’s existing eyesores.

However, Leeds and Manchester Piccadilly stations are built on viaducts and split the cities into two, but no-one complains; in Lincoln the railway cuts straight across busy market streets; and in Chur, Switzerland, the train from the station shares the road with cars for more than 2km.

A cross-rail link would bring people through and, more importantly, into Bradford, something which the hole in the ground (Westfield) currently doesn’t.

It is technically feasible, comparatively affordable and would quickly become a valuable piece of transport infrastructure.

James Vasey, Chairman, Bradford Rail Users’ Group, Maddocks Street, Saltaire