SIR – Re the correspondence regarding the drastic reduction of qualifying years for state pension, I am also incensed by the irresponsible action of this government.

It is unbelievable that they are suggesting that people will have to work to 67 to top up the system, and then out of the blue reduce the qualifying years for state pension from 43 years to 30. It has got to be a mistake.

Having worked from the age of 15 and still working (through choice) at 67, I was informed by the Department of Work and Pensions that when I reached the age of 59, I would qualify for full state pension, but would still pay NI until I was 65.

So someone starting work at 16 could, in fact, finish working at 46, and live on the benefit handouts that are so easily available, and still receive full state pension at 65.

It appears that when this government has a problem, it is solved by throwing more money at it. Dave Brundle, Beacon Road, Horton Bank Top, Bradford