SIR - I am sure many members or supporters of the National Trust will share my distress that the charity is contemplating allowing the hunting of deer with dogs on its land.

According to press reports it is prepared to allow hunts to use dogs to flush out deer to be shot. This is contrary to its existing policy of not allowing hunting of any sort on its lands.

It is not illegal, in certain circumstances, to shoot deer but is a criminal act to allow dogs to chase them.

The League against Cruel Sports has credible evidence that hunts are still allowing dogs to pursue animals until they are exhausted.

Only when they are unable to run any further are they shot. The hunts always claim that this is an "accident" because the dogs get a scent and cannot restrain themselves.

Given that some hunters have publicly declared their willingness to break the law and that many others have admitted to "accidents" when their dogs get out of control, I am amazed that the Trust is even contemplating allowing hunts back on to its land.

I would urge your readers to write to the Trust expressing opposition to any change in the existing policy.

Douglas Batchelor, Chief Executive, League Against Cruel Sports, Union Street, London SE1.