SIR – The BBC series Lambing Live showed an overly picture-box version of this livestock industry, while predictably sidestepping more awkward questions on animal welfare and the morality of eating meat.

The programme makers failed viewers, and the animals themselves, by not showing the grim reality of slaughter.

The platitudes of TV presenter Kate Humble about killing baby animals – let’s not make bones about it, because that is what they are – were frankly insulting.

The reality of the British sheep industry is not so rosy. Around 15 per cent of all newborn lambs die annually in the UK, with hypothermia responsible for around one million deaths each year.

For once, why doesn’t the BBC commission a documentary that investigates the shocking truth behind the short lives and brutal deaths of the 881 million animals killed for meat each year in the UK?

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Justin Kerswell, Viva! campaigns manager, Viva!