The cowardly attack on Bradford City joint chairman Mark Lawn as he was heading home from an away game is appalling.

He was getting ready to leave Accrington, where City lost, when his car was set upon by a number of so-called Bantams fans – thugs not fit to wear the team colours.

The yobs kicked the vehicle, battered the windscreen and broke off the aerial while one screamed abuse.

It goes without saying that Mr Lawn did not deserve this treatment. Even if he was the worst chairman in the world he would not have deserved it, because no-one does. But the truth is that Mr Lawn has actually done much to keep the club alive.

It is hardly surprising that he thought about giving it all up after this incident – something that would have plunged the club into a crisis.

Thankfully, he knows the vast majority of Bantams fans are decent people and he will not turn his back on them because of a handful of contemptible individuals.

Sadly, this incident shows Bradford City are not immune when it comes to having a minority of followers who believe unacceptable behaviour suddenly becomes acceptable in or around a football ground or, according to their warped thinking, in the name of their club.

They are, of course, wrong. The rules of society still apply and such violence – just like foul language and racism – is never acceptable.

If these yobs can be found, they should be banned for life from all grounds. They shame Bradford City and the game as a whole, and football would be better off without them.