SIR – I am writing to let you know of a campaign that Conservative MEPs are getting involved in. It relates to one the most fundamental decisions we make every day – what food we eat. We want to see clearer labelling of food.

Currently under existing legislation, you can buy, for example, a chicken sandwich and it may say ‘produced in the UK’ on it.

What many readers may not know is that as long as the meat is put between two pieces of bread in the UK, it can be claimed to be produced in the UK, even if the chicken is from Thailand. To us, this is not acceptable and misleading. Many people think they are buying British, when in fact they are buying anything but.

Food such as beef and fish when bought on its own is fine and properly labelled. But most of the processed food we enjoy every day is not.

We are campaigning to have existing legislation changed to reflect the choice and clarity that consumers expect.

We want people to know that if it says ‘produced in Britain’ on the label, the central ingredient is at least of British origin.

Timothy Kirkhope, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, Beechwood Farm, Main Street, Scotton, North Yorkshire