SIR – David Rhodes is entirely correct in pointing out Douglas Batchelor’s mistake over the end of the grouse-shooting season (Letters, December 21).

As with so many things, The League Against Cruel Sports is wrong in stating that the grouse shooting season ends on December 12. Grouse shooting finished on the 10th. Its opinions on the shooting of grouse are equally misguided. Grouse are a truly wild gamebird and one highly-prized at the restaurant or kitchen table.

The management which goes into moorland habitat to support wild-breeding grouse benefits numerous other species.

Independent research has shown that almost half a million people shoot game.

They generate £1.6 billion for the UK economy and devote some £250 million of their own money and many hours to conservation each year. Simon Clarke, The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, Marford Mill, Rossett