SIR – In your report (T&A, October 5) you went to great lengths to display the work that is progressing in the development of the rail infrastructure in the district.

I would like to congratulate Metro and Network Rail in identifying the need to introduce more train stations and provide additional carriages due to the growth in demand for rail travel.

However, I was amazed that the planned station for Low Moor was not mentioned.

Bradford Rail Users Group have held meetings, met with officers and given petitions in an attempt to kickstart its building.

David Hoggarth of Metro assured people at the public meeting held at Morley Carr Working Men’s Club in September 2007 – well before the recession commenced – that a new station would be opened at Low Moor by 2010 at the latest.

Has Low Moor been forgotten, overlooked or ignored? Bradford North has enough stations, can South Bradford please have just one? It was promised one and needs one.

Come on Bradford Council, Metro and Network Rail get your act together.

Please do not be like the property developers we have at present. Is there anyone out there who can help!

Neil Craig, Wooller Road, Low Moor, Bradford