SIR – Your correspondent from The League Against Cruel Sports is way off the mark if he considers that banning hunting is in the best interests of the creatures involved.

It is far more natural to use hounds to dispatch a predator such as a fox than to either shoot or poison it. In the last two cases, the fox is likely to die a lengthier death, and in greater distress.

I hope he is not suggesting that we should spare the fox. This creature is not the cuddly little puppy dog that some people believe. It is a killing machine. Ask the farmers who lose many new-born lambs on the moor-sides, and chickens in their sheds.

I well remember my seven-year-old son in floods of tears one early morning after finding all his young fowls massacred in their shed, out of sheer blood lust. No bodies were taken.

I love all God’s creatures, but I have come to the conclusion that allowing hounds to dispatch such wanton predators quickly, and according to the rule of nature, is far better than prolonging the agony for all involved.

I understand that James Barrington, a former Director for The League Against Cruel Sports, has reached the same conclusion. Common sense must eventually prevail, God willing.

Mrs Pamela B McCallum, Albert Street, Thornton