SIR – In reply to my letter of February 12, stating that pigs and other animals are not more important than children, John D Cosway (Letters, February 21) says that the pork I eat probably comes from animals kept in appalling conditions.

I don’t know about that. My pork comes from Morrisons! I can assure Mr Cosway, however, that I am an animal lover.

I always put out bacon rind for the magpies, next door’s dog gets a pig ear chew from me now and again, and my three cats (who have all been ‘seen to’) enjoy a packet of boiled ham once a week as a treat.

Mr Cosway may also like to know that I have nothing against vegetarians. I respect a person’s right of choice.

I certainly would not tempt a vegetarian to eat meat, and I enjoy vegetarian meals.

My letters on this subject, however, are intended to see how the preachy, we-know-better-than-you veggie mafia types like the boot being on the other foot for a change.

Paul Collins, Brookfield Road, Pollard Park, Bradford