SIR – If you believed Jamie Oliver, you would think British ‘good’ and Europe ‘bad’ when it comes to pig farming. British pig farming should be regarded with anything but pride.

While it is true some conditions remain in Europe that are banned in Britain (through the work of groups such as ours), it would be very wrong to think British pigs live the life of Riley.

The sad reality is almost all pig farming in Britain is indoor intensive production – with less that five per cent of British pigs spending all of their lives outdoors. Pigs bred for meat are usually kept in cramped, often filthy conditions with nothing to alleviate their frustration and boredom.

Many British piglets have their tails painfully cut off and teeth clipped, despite routine mutilations such as these being banned. If you buy British bacon, sausages or pork in a supermarket it is likely to come from squalid conditions like these. Moving pig farming abroad isn’t the answer, obviously. The best way to support the British pig is to simply not eat him – and the best way to end animal suffering is to not eat any animal and go vegetarian.

Justin Kerswell, campaigns manager, Viva, York Court, Wilder Street, Bristol