SIR – On reading your report “Councillor defends grouse shoot policy” (September 29), it would appear that Councillor Anne Hawkesworth is more in favour of actually killing grouse on Ilkley Moor than the need to manage the land. Managing moorland for public benefit and killing live animals for sport don’t go hand in hand, as Coun Hawkesworth would appear to believe.

The RSPB and others successfully manage moorland species and conservation issues without the need for shooting to subsidise such management.

If she is so concerned about managing the moor to sustain grouse, it is odd that she is also in favour of killing these birds. Surely if the birds were her main concern she would also be opposed to the killing of them for entertainment purposes?

Shooting a bird for sport is certainly not in its best interests.

It is unfortunate that Coun Hawkesworth does not see fit to ask the Council to manage the moor for a diverse range of species rather than just one, one which is synonymous with commercial shooting, elitism and financial gain.

Louise Robertson, League Against Cruel Sports, Limekilns, Fife