SIR - With the 2008 Canadian seal hunt only weeks away I am writing to urgently ask readers to speak up for the seals slaughtered for their fur by taking part in a significant European Union survey.

Millions of seals have been killed in Canada over recent years, the majority less than 12 weeks old.

An independent veterinary study concluded that 42 per cent of seals may have been skinned while still conscious. These seals are slaughtered solely for the commercial value of their fur.

The fight to end the hunt is gaining momentum as the European Commission is considering banning all seal products, which would save millions of seals from a horrible fate.

You can help convince the EU to end the cruel seal product trade now by taking part in the European Commission's public consultation which is available on the internet.

It will take you only few minutes to complete the survey and, indeed, you can just answer the final key question if you are pressed for time. For information, guidance and a link to the survey, visit Please note that this consultation is only open for submission until February 13.

Mandy Carter, Respect for Animals, PO Box 6500, Nottingham