SIR - I spent a full morning last February on the Odsal pitch, accompanied by a former Speedway track staff member. There, to help 'solve' the perrenial conflict of the playing surface corners encroaching dramatically onto/into the track perimeter.

The view from the infield was distressing - highlighting the deterioration, neglect and apparent apathy as the 'old girl was steadily falling apart. Essentially, the Bulls vacating the site at least prevented visiting supporters carrying away more negative thoughts of this sad example of Bradford.

The recent efforts of Steve Rees and his stock car staff have been nothing short of SEISMIC. Even more so in view of the health situation of the past year. So WHY is there just silence from Bradford Council? No approving words, in print or on social media in support of how life has been breathed into what had become a civic disgrace?

It is said attitudes are catching - both positive and negative? It appears City Hall need a severe shake and quickly, before the toxicity of apparently 'don't care' drags us all down.

John Murphy, Cooper Lane, Bradford