SIR - I read the Jo Winrow article (T&A, September 12) headlined: 'Masks optional for city's cabbies'. Is this not a step backward in trying to beat Covid-19. The article says that it won't be compulsory for cab drivers to wear masks but advise them to do so. Surely they should be insisting masks are worn by drivers and passengers. As for sanitising a vehicle, it should be done as a matter of course after every passenger.

On Sunday while waiting for a coach, I had the time to observed the comings and goings of the cabs which use the Interchange. In that 45 minutes I saw cabs dropping off and picking up and not one driver sanitised their vehicle before picking up another passenger. Masks were were not something which seemed to be necessary, certainly not in evidence.

I wouldn't feel safe using a taxi for those reasons.

William Oliver, Gerard House, Idle