SIR - In answer to Denis Spence (T&A letters, September 14), I don't believe the BBC is value for money.

It transmits little of any interest to me. I have no interest in cooking and baking programs, Celebrity Come Dancing (whatever it's called), the soaps etc. They did produce quite a lot of programmes I found I liked, not anymore. Most of their programming is of repeats and the worst part is they are repeats of programs I had no initial interest in.

I find the programs I am interested in are better done by the likes of ITV, Channel 4 and 5.

What tiny amount of the BBC I currently watch I wouldn't miss.

If people think the BBC is VFM that's fine. Let them pay for it but for those of us who don't, let us have a choice.

It is time we stopped being forced to pay for something we don't want. Subscription is the answer and the sooner we have the right of choice the better.

We are already charged extra if we want to watch their Britbox, Gold and more, how can that be okay when the money they used to set it up ultimately originated from license payers money.

William Oliver, Gerard House, Idle