SIR - Sat here in my little “office” listening to the gale force winds whistling round, I worry as to whether any branches or even trees have been brought down, or left in such a condition that tomorrows winds will finish the job.

I was pleased to see that Bradford Met had eventually paid out a claim for damage that was brought about by a falling branch, which had been left unattended even though they had been advised about its dangerous condition.

I fail to understand why they, Bfd Met, have refused a request by Network Rail to deal with trees adjacent to the overhead electrified railway lines near Menston.

How many tens of thousands of pounds will it cost to put right when the “wires” are brought down by a falling tree? Assuming things are near normal at that time, how many trains cancelled and how many passengers will be inconvenienced?

Michael T Leahy, Rowantree Avenue, Baildon