SIR - I took my chances and jetted off for two weeks to the Cretan sun on August 25, thus narrowly missing being quarantined by our government on my return.

Coming from a relatively safe haven as far as coronavirus is concerned, into the human Petri dish that is the UK appears to be the greatest threat to travellers rather than vice versa!

This cherry picking of destinations appears to be the UK government`s tool for controlling our movements to ensure that our only option is to spend our money within the UK economy, thus depriving countries who have done a far better job of controlling coronavirus than we have.

I certainly felt far safer in Crete than I have at any time since the whole sorry saga began and I was actually tested negative on my arrival there, having followed the simple Greek government online PLF and efficient arrival procedures.

On my return, I followed the UK government`s effort at the same PLF form and found it complicated and repetitive. On arrival at Leeds Bradford airport I was simply asked if I had filled in the form. No checks, no it any wonder we are where we are?

Colin Durkin, Moffat Close, Wibsey