SIR - I decided to check the times for the new A2 service to Harrogate on Monday whilst out on a walk and to my surprise West Yorkshire Metro have replaced an actual timetable with references to looking on line for everything to do with the services . Both my wife and I have checked a number of stops and all merely have the electronic references.

We feel this is based on the incorrect assumption that everybody has a smart phone and, in addition, would be most unhelpful to strangers, as most stops merely refer to the destination and areas en route. There is no reference to the service number(s) anywhere with the exception of the multi service stops in town and very few shelters have the electronic service guides built in, one glaring example of this omission is the inbound shelter at Greengates by Costa.

We feel this is a retrograde step which is more likely to affect those people who use the bus intermittently and will discourage people from using the bus.

Michael Stones, Harrogate Road, Eccleshill