SIR - It is no secret Philip Davies and I do not always see eye-to-eye! This is one strength of the Conservative Party.

I compliment Philip on his persistent lobbying whereby most who live in Shipley Constituency will be grateful for their freedom.

Philip asked the views of ALL the Shipley Constituency District Councillors to which I replied:-

I don't know the current figures by ward or over time but the “Outbreak Board” is informed with detailed up-to-date figures. Were these available to a wider audience there would be better understanding of the issues.

We must maintain cohesion across the District and recognise the impact of all decisions. Spreading the virus is predominately due to large multi-generation households, poverty and failure to comply with PHE advice. Political parties can reaffirm their determination to close these inequalities gap.

There are other Wards apart from those in Shipley Constituency which meet a criteria for a fair, balanced unlocking, in which case excellent.

The pandemic is NOT over and getting on top of it must remain our priority. “Don’t kill Granny (or Grandpa)” is a sound slogan - but then I must declare an interest!

Dale Smith, Wharfedale District Councillor, Craven Park, Menston