SIR - Re your article Bradford Live opening date delayed, this is an emotive topic for Bradfordians. Whilst there are those that see no issue with demolishing the old building, I sense most in the city understand that this is our last throw of the dice at serious regeneration. As a city we cannot compete with Leeds on either a commercial or retail offering; our best hope is to try to be bold and different as Bradford used to be.

What architecture we have left is one of our few strengths; utilising this is key. Of course the restoration is a risk with the £12m soft loan provided by the Council, who have at last woken up to the potential of this. However, it is loose change compared with the ill-thought out proposals to spend up to £100m on cycle lanes and Chinese flagstones.

I have urged you before to start to challenge the invisible CEO and hopeless leader of the Council with real questions as to the shape of Bradford’s future. The T&A needs to up its game just as Bradford does.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Idle