SIR - These nostalgic back pages of sports that the T&A are publishing are a great fascination to me. It is incredible that in such a `low tech’ age, county cricket matches were reported on as they were happening, with late-afternoon scores in the stop press.

I like in particular the reporting of county matches at Park Avenue where the journalist 'tells it like it is’ without the cliché ridden drivel that their modern contemporaries espouse. The wealth of sports both locally and nationally which is featured is a wonder to behold.

I’m not naive enough to think we’ll ever return to these days, with its multiple roving reporters, and accomplished reporting, but to think that in the case of local cricket, there are no longer fixtures or results published, it does make one wonder. We do have the internet for the aforementioned information, but have to trail on numerous sites to get it all. Not much to ask a local paper to support grassroots sport.

Reg Nelson, Westfield Road, Idle