SIR - You have a consistent propensity to trumpet announcements by the Council without offering any questioning journalism. I refer to Projects to 'transform' Bradford city centre (T&A, August 25):

Transforming Access to Bradford Interchange - having spent millions purchasing the car park they now intend to knock it down and spend even more just so the throngs of visitors to Bradford get an alternative view on arrival.

Active and Sustainable Transport involving pedestrianisation plus an area of green space between City Hall and Hall Ings - great news for cyclists and tumbleweed. As for the green space, they have a "shovel ready" site on which they intend to build a new office block, One City Park.

South Bradford Park and Ride - if you were in South Bradford ie near Low Moor train station where would you be heading for shopping? Let's be hopeful and assume it's Bradford; why not hop on a train? Could they be using the Richard Dunn site? If so what a criminal waste of an asset.

West Bradford Cycle Superhighway - the most ridiculous waste of money of all based on usage per head of population ie three cyclists at £6m each.

All have to be completed by March 2023. Given this, why is it that the cost variances are circa 23per cent? That's some contingency fund.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Idle, Bradford