SIR - 18-year-old US singer Billie Eilish is the latest to jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon, saying her fans must vote Democrat in the election because "our lives and the world depend on it."

This has become very tedious. If they hate Trump that's fine but they haven't got anything interesting to say. And the Trump-hating woke movement still don't realise that they put him there in the first place.

According to some observers in the US, the thing that swung the 2016 election was when Hilary Clinton played the PC card, saying they should have a woman president. Not realising that millions of people are simply fed of identity politics and rejected it at the polls.

They also complain Trump doesn't care about the planet. If these people cared about the planet so much they wouldn't have so many kids, cars and phones. They can't blame it all on him.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon