SIR - As Manchester bursts skywards - see BBC2’s Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom - back in Bradford it appears we are struggling to attract any kind of development. I refer to your story (August 8): “When it was first announced, the Forster Square Leisure development was hailed as one of the biggest regeneration projects in Bradford city centre - a scheme that would create 200 jobs and give a massive boost to the city’s leisure offer.”

Five years on and not a sod has been turned. Meanwhile, Hinchcliffe appeared on Look North the other night blaming all and sundry for Bradford’s current struggles with Covid-19. That the city she claims to lead cannot even attract developers to a “prime” city centre site says enough about our decline; perhaps she might wonder why?

As other cities stride forwards, we hold out the begging bowl.

Steve Wilson, Idle, Bradford