SIR - Much more needs to be done as regards dangerous driving in our district, so says MP Naz Shah, who has urged police to go further (T&A, August 6).

Despite the success of the ongoing Steerside operation I think that there will be general agreement with this from the people of Bradford, with dreadful driving and souped-up noisy cars an every day occurrence.

The MP wants to see the message get out through social media and by educating existing road users and school pupils. Now that is fine, but it seems that the vast majority of culprits are the youth and young men of Bradford. As such it is the parents of all these people who should have the main responsibility by bringing up their children to respect the law of the land and, to some extent, know exactly what they are up to, and not just give them free rein.

All this should start at home, and that is maybe where the main problem can be found.

Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon