SIR - Bradford MP Naz Shah grabbed a full page in the T&A (August 5) to express her belief that the police should be doing more to “change the city`s culture towards driving”. I think her approach is total misdirected.

Naz Shah knows only too well that all her fire should be aimed at the young male fraternity who day and night use their Golfs, Audis etc, mostly without a driving licence or insurance, often not owning the vehicle and already banned from driving and/or on licence from prison with a track record of similar offences. They don't respond to education or an appeal to act responsibly.

The MP only has to read the T&A to see reports of the hard-pressed police catching and presenting to court a steady stream of offenders. With monotonous regularity, offenders firstly plead guilt and next claim to be responsible citizens, have fallen on hard times or look after relatives.

Naz Shah needs to work on a law change of 10 years in prison on first offence with no remission which I would suggest would concentrate the mind of even the dangerous drivers of Bradford.

Philip Crowther, Beckfield Road, Bingley