SIR - Housing minister Robert Jenrick has suggested that schools reopening should take priority over pubs, saying pubs may have to close to allow schools to reopen. I beg to differ. Going out and getting plastered with my mates (yes I do have some) is far more important than children's education. It appears Mr Jenrick and others have a rather skewed set of priorities.

Joking apart, why is he creating this false choice? Some people, including medical experts are now questioning the accuracy of the Covid-19 tests saying they may be giving false positives. And it's noticeable that while it is claimed that infection numbers are rising, hospital admissions and deaths from coronavirus are still in decline.

We've reached a stage now where the improvised Covid-19 legislation is raising philosophical questions about how we should run our society. Is it right to lock people up until everyone stops dying? We didn't do that up to 2019 when thousands of people died everyday for allsorts of reasons.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon