SIR - I read John Cole’s letter (T&A August 5) with disappointment as it confirmed that most political commentators have a very blinkered view of events.

I agree totally that the last three Tory Prime Ministers have been close to useless but then I look at the last three Labour Prime Ministers! The words used about Boris - “liar, narcissist, bully” - seem to fit Tony Blair to a tee, Gordon Brown left the country bankrupt and James Callaghan left more rubbish on the streets than WW2. Not a good recommendation for a Labour government.

John Cole’s comments on Brexit confirm that too many so-called democrats believe that democracy is only good when they get the decision they want. When the question of a referendum was raised in the House of Commons nearly all MPs (including Labour and Lib Dems) voted in favour on the belief that we would remain in the EU. When the vote went against these so called democrats they then went for a soft Brexit. For whatever reason this is definitely not what the now ignorant ill-informed electorate wanted.

God knows what sort of an undemocratic country we would have if led by Corbyn, McDonnell and the “holier than thou” remainers - is Leicester a good example?

Bill Kirkby, Sherborne Road, Idle