SIR - It's nice to see John Cole in T&A letters again moaning about Brexit.

He said the 48 per cent were betrayed. He means they lost. He also said the last three Tory leaders have got progressively worse. The Tories haven't had a real Conservative leader since Michael Howard 2003-05.

David Cameron was no more Conservative than Nicola Sturgeon is unionist. Like Blair he came off the production line of career politicians, trying to disguise a lack of ideology by claiming pragmatism. Which doesn't work in office.

Howard became Tory leader too late for his career. And he never really recovered form that Paxman interview years earlier. But in his day he was a formidable operator. As Home Secretary in the early 1990s, he mercilessly exposed the flawed leftist mantra of rehabilitation rather than punishment in prisons. His prison reform vision under Major was ultimately thwarted and he has now proved to be correct.

Alan Bates, Bowland Aveune, Baildon