SIR - Since Leeds United were promoted to the Premier League, there have been some worrying spikes of cases of people claiming to be Leeds fans in the Bradford area.

After the celebrations last month, there have been a growing number of people claiming to be supporters of the club, going back as far as the so called Revie era. But my suspicions were aroused when one called it the "Riviera", calling into question the validity of it.

Some of these dubious claims are based on inheritance, having a father or grandfather who frequented Elland Road in the past.

The government needs to act fast by restricting social gatherings further in our region. But to avoid closing pubs again, perhaps customers could be given a quick test on entry: "Are you a Leeds fan?": "Yes".

"In which year did you get promoted from League 1 to Championship?" If it's "I don't know" or an incorrect answer, then refuse entry.

This terrible Leeds-Un-Heirs disease needs to be stopped before it's too late.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon