SIR - During all these months of the coronavirus pandemic, the government has been leaning on the populace at large and badgering us all to “get on our bikes.” I totally agree with them.

I am a pensioner with several health problems but over the months I have been encouraged to have a bash at it by a younger friend of mine.

Doing a little bit at a time over several months it is a wonder what can be achieved. We have cycled to some marvellous venues, but the greatest of all is the great northern trail which passes over the Thornton viaduct and finishes at the disputed Queensbury tunnel which is one-and-a-half miles long and goes through to Halifax

The government is putting two billion pounds already into cycling, and for the sake of I believe the figure is 27 million pounds, the greatest cycleway in the country could be produced, connecting two major cities with a safe and pleasant way to commute.

T Tordoff, Calderstone Avenue, Buttershaw