SIR - If you looked at me, you might not notice my disability - a lot of people don’t. But I have autism, and because I am classed as disabled and therefore find it difficult to wear a face mask, I am exempt from being required to wear one, in line with official government guidance.

But I have suffered discrimination, verbal abuse and humiliation for not wearing a face mask on public transport.

A lack of understanding of hidden disabilities and the exemption rules means thousands of people like me, many who are more vulnerable, are unfairly threatened and feel unwelcome and unsafe in society.

Face masks are now required in shops and supermarkets too, so unless something changes there will be more instances like what I experienced, and in more settings. I want to make sure no one else like me is made to feel that their disability isn’t valid, or isn’t believed.

Today, with Dimensions we are sending letters to ministers asking them to emphasise the exemption rules and encourage staff and the public to think twice before you challenge someone.

We all want society to be as safe as possible. But we also need to protect the people that can’t wear a face mask, through no fault of their own.

Corey Wood, Business Development Assistant, Dimensions (not-for-profit support provider for people with learning disabilities and autism), Wolverhampton