SIR - I note the print version of your lead editorial of June 27 ended prematurely with a slight technical glitch, halting mid-sentence, leaving me to wonder who the ‘biggest shower’ might have been and ‘in charge of’ - what?

Of course most readers are aware of your predominantly left-wing editorial stance, so anti-Government ranting is default setting. However, I don’t think it fair to blame the Prime Minister for hoping that post lockdown hysteria would be limited and the common sense, that largely held good for 12 weeks, might stick to a reasonable extent. Admittedly mass BLM demos, Bournemouth beach lunacy and daft Bradfordians pretending to be Liverpool football fans, rather dash those hopes, but what do you suggest are the best options for opening up the shattered economy? We aren’t looking at good economic outcomes versus bad here, but rather merely dreadful at best, utterly catastrophic at worst.

Oh, and the answer to my first question re the ‘biggest shower’ - probably those responsible in Bradford’s Labour Council for the decision to site a Covid testing station for the symptomatic in Centenary Square. Ideal for reawakening businesses in the City Centre!

Mike Pollard, Moorfield Drive, Baildon