SIR - I refer to your article of June 24; it seems the Council are hell bent on the One City Park plans.

Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw, doubtless provided with a PR drafted statement sums up the confusion here in typical fashion.

“We are aware of the debate, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic, around whether there will be a potential reduction in demand for office space in the future, and indeed whether the era of the traditional office is already in the past.

"A key part of our future thinking about One City Park and other developments across the district will be to address those predicted demands for flexible workspaces as businesses shift to a mix of home working and modern office working.”

In other words “we’re not sure there’s a market”.

What is also not clear is who is funding this? Is the council now into speculative property development?

Finally, soon Bradford Live will complement the already stunning Alhambra and the gorgeous Town Hall.

Who in their right minds would stick an ugly glass temple slap bang in the midst of these? Only Bradford Council.

Steve Wilson, Lenton Villas, Idle, Bradford