SIR- One of the many major issues that is constantly rubbed in our face on the news like a giant custard pie is mental health. As a sufferer I do know it's serious. But the groups of people who are constantly referred to as at risk are young people, especially male, and footballers. Interestingly, apart from in exceptional circumstances, no one mentions the mental health of politicians.

They are constantly reminded in public of every error they make. They have their honesty, integrity and competence questioned with all their gaffes on permanent record. They are faced with terrible decisions that can result in thousands of deaths.

Many would say they ask for it. They chose their profession while often lacking conviction being interested only in their own careers while being largely incompetent. But surely saying that would make them more depressed.

The lack of concern for them could be the result of heavy coaching, making some politicians appear to be inhuman.

When facing hard questioning, the unmoved Matt Hancock resembles some sort of manikin.

But this doesn't explain why they aren't jumping off cliffs.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue Baildon