SIR - Colin Durkin, (T&A letters May 16), wondered if “The false adoration of our front-line workers will result in improved pay and conditions, post Covid19”.

Sadly in spite of promises by Dominic Raab, that this would be the case; the man who holds the public’s purse strings is apparently proposing to cap the salaries of front-line workers. No doubt we will be told that there is no money in the pot for pay increases, because of the debts “we” have accrued due to the pandemic.

The next thing we will be told is that the only way to save the NHS is to privatise “areas” of it.

Well what do you expect; we do have a Conservative government in power. However, it is a conservative government that already, has run up a larger national debt than many a Labour administration. Might it be that the next step the Prime Minister will take, faced with the predicted deflation and austerity, will be to adopt Harold Wilson’s solution to deflation austerity in 1966 and devalue the currency?

It must be on the agenda.

So we appear to have a conservative government which displays the alleged weaknesses of a labour government without any of its benefits ; Wow! And we still have the Brexit finale to look forward to. To quote Antony Newley: "Stop the World, I want to get off!"

Val Smith, Moor Park Drive Addingham