SIR - The same COVID-19 questions remain unanswered at every 5pm briefing, PPE, testing and lockdown resolution. Gavin Williamson’s utterly inept performance at the weekend proved this Government are out of their depth, if he is considered a leading spokesman. They are paid to make decisions so make some, stop dithering.

Here are a few they could make:-

* Start to fill the Nightingale hospital in London with COVID-19 cases. That alone will take pressure of London hospitals and help prevent the ‘excess deaths’ that are happening from people not probably not attending hospital due to the fear of catching the virus. Where possible, transfer COVID-19 cases from hospitals and start admitting them to the Nightingale centres around the UK.

* If people are able to return to work and stay safe, allow them, start with construction.

* Make a positive statement that the UK will ensure manufacturing of all medical essentials. Whatever the cost compared to Chinese production it’s a fraction of what the lockdown is costing.

Show some leadership, make decisions and stop waiting to see what happens.

Martin O’Hara, Thornton Road, Bradford