SIR - Having found a bit of spare time to watch a little more television, one evening I decided that my wife and I ought to catch up on one or two of the programmes that we had missed recently. Game of Thrones maybe, Judge John Deed possibly, how about Fleabag that "everyone" raved about ?

We settled down to watch the latter, having made note of the warnings about language and content. What can I say, the language used was dire, beyond crude. One has to wonder about the people that sang its praises, just because the lead spoke direct to camera whilst being in a variety of poses of a sexual nature.

People used to complain about the Carry On films and some still do no doubt, but the makers of programmes have to continue to push the boundaries. I find it rather sad that the use of the 'F' word and the 'C' word, plus others, were projected repeatedly at the audience.

I think maybe the repeats of Dad's Army or The Vicar of Dibley might provide a more suitable evening's entertainment for us in future.

Michael T Leahy, Rowantree Avenue, Baildon