SIR - There is a growing propensity from many in our politics to not respect democracy or accept when they are beaten. And these politicians and celebrities have created a vicious circle.

The more campaigners and activists refuse to respect the result of an election or referendum, the more others move away from them and support other parties or causes. By being bad losers and making excuses, they are haemorrhaging their own support, subsequently complaining even more while accusing opponents of ignorance and bigotry.

It is also not clear why this protesting class think our recently victorious PM, with all his imperfections acknowledged, is misogynist and racist. The examples that are repeatedly given are unconvincing. And why was there a women's march against Trump in Shipley, before he even became President?

The irony of this is that those who call out fascism are often fascist themselves, simply on the other end of the argument. The anti-semitism in Labour being an example of that. So as reasonable thinkers which most of us are, we should condemn extremism on all sides.

Alan Bates, Bowland Avenue, Baildon