SIR - I was very interested to read your article (T&A November 14) “Parking income set to rise by £1.1 million”.

My neighbour has sent a number of emails and photos to Bradford Council about anti-social parking and parking on the kerbs. The council told her that if it is illegal call the police.

Our area is plagued by illegal parking. It would be difficult for emergency services to get through. People with prams or wheelchairs have to go on the road because they can’t get past the cars on the pavement. All the cars belong to people that go off to work and park for free all day.

This has got worse since signs were put up around Bingley stating ‘90 minutes only’ etc. It is ridiculous.

Your article states that Bradford Council is deploying officers. Yet when we have complained they do not want to know. Today, on Duckworth Lane, I saw two officers taking photos and fining a driver who was parking on the path, just like where I live.

At weekends the streets are clear.

Catherine Booth, Mornington Road, Bingley